See Ya PR Brings Their Creativity to the Adrienne Arsht Center in Honor of Chris Botti

Have you been to the Adrienne Arsht Center yet? If not, Friday, January 17th would be a great time to take in some of the inspiring performances this structure is filled with.

Here’s a piece I wrote for See Ya PR about the fascinating trumpeter, Chris Botti, and the work See Ya PR did for an after-show dinner.

If you’re in the Miami area, I recommend attending. One can never be too cultured.

Alicia S.


by: Alicia Sandino



In so many ways, the arts represent the most important fabric of our lives. In children, it teaches patience, passion and dedication. And although every child may not become a musician or artist, the fundamentals of the arts will enrich their lives forever. – Chris Botti


See Ya PR had the honor of creating handkerchiefs for a special dinner event dedicated to Grammy Award winner, Chris Botti.

Born in Portland, Oregon, his career in music began with the encouragement of his mother, a concert pianist. By first grade, Botti was taken to Italy by his father, an English and Italian language instructor, where he would live with his family for several years. These years would aid in developing an Italian influence, which would later translate into his music.

At 12 years old Botti was introduced to Miles Davis. After hearing Davis play “My Funny…

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