Maybe it’s more important than you think

Sexuality: Embrace It.


So, in what I very much doubt will be a surprise to any reader, Iโ€™m a bit queer. My primary relationship is with three people.

Recently, my psychotherapist, whom I presume to be straight and monogamous, told me that they thought that my sexuality appears to be a very fundamental part of my personality and conception of self. And yes, I suppose it is, but I very much doubt that this is as unusual as they implied.

The straight monogamous assumption exists for a reason, I know that. The majority of people are straight and monogamous. Fine. Go for it. Have your straight monogamous fun. My parents are straight and monogamous, and itโ€™s from their example that I learned so many of the relationship skills that I now use daily with my partners to build and maintain our lifelong commitment.

If youโ€™re straight and monogamous, then trying to NOT beโ€ฆ

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