Published in this month’s edition of The Paperbook Collective!!

It started with an e-mail.

Publisher Jayde-ashe asked her followers to submit an idea for her December issue. The suggestion came to me effortlessly: Culture.

Why not write about who you are and what makes your location different and beautiful in its own geographic glory? Is it not inspiring to know what connects a community or society? We wonder these things and the answers would come with the publication of this issue.

After commenting my idea, the second e-mail came shortly after announcing the theme for the last issue of 2013.

Yes, my friends, it was culture.

The next few weeks consisted of creating and submitting a piece that was my own, one that spoke to the readers about my city and its dependence on one small item with huge influence. 

This piece was so fun to create and I love that I can share it with everyone. The issue is available for download here:

Please make sure to absorb all the written passion in this issue. My personal favorite is Lisa Kennedy’s “Autumn In Seattle.” It’s a pastiche of visual beauty.

Special thanks to Jayde-ashe and the opportunity to share my culture with the world.

Feel free to follow and support this wonderful blog and magazine!

Alicia S. 


One thought on “Published in this month’s edition of The Paperbook Collective!!

  1. Thanks for submitting your awesome piece Alicia, and thanks for the fantastic idea of Culture! I think it was an awesome theme, so many different interpretations.
    I realise that I missed your blog link in the Contributors section by accident, so I will be writing a post tomorrow which will include it, so everyone can find your blog 🙂
    Thanks again for submitting! I hope you will continue to submit your work in 2014 🙂

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