Miami Blues

I want to know what it’s like to watch the seasons change.

If you’re from Miami, you know what I’m talking about. For those who aren’t, let me explain.

                        WELCOME TO MIAMI

In Miami there’s only one season: Summer. It’s accompanied by it’s loyal friend Humidity and sometimes brings its friend Cool Breeze; it’s too bad Rain and Thunder are such tag-alongs!

These guys are cool, but they’re hogging up the seasons!

Isn’t it time to give someone else a chance?

Now, before you start researching Miami weather due to the impossibility of a lack of weather change, let me clarify one thing..

Yes, it does get cold- if by cold you mean between 50 and 70 degrees -and when it does, it only lasts about two weeks (more than a month is grounds for panic).

I have never seen the leaves change color and the only way I can recognize season changes is with my trusty calendar.

Don’t get me wrong, the absence of fall and winter makes for great beach days literally any time of the year. And you’ll never get bored with the weekly events scattered around the city.

However, as a girl who leans more towards nature and  its beauty, I guess I can’t say I’d miss much around here. Perhaps I’m singing the city blues, really just imagining a life closer to nature and farther from the superficial.

Does anyone else feel a need for change of scenery?

Alicia S.


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