A Glimpse of Color

She wanted to breathe new air. Her eyes needed a new lens; her focus was off, leading her down a road paved by others.

She wore someone else’s shoes and was never able to choose based on preference, only influence.

How could she leave? Where would she go?

It was color she craved and passion which tempted her.

Where could she find it?

She had to find a means to escape.

As she felt blindly for an exit, she came upon something foreign. It was warm and welcoming, strong yet tender, rough around the edges with a sharpness that resonated.

The more she explored it, the more fascinating this experience became.

She’s never felt anything like this before.

And it was as if the blindfold came off and the lens found its focus.  The air became euphoric..

It was clear what was in front of her, what she had been examining all along.

Everything was brighter with that smile, sounds were sweeter with that voice and time became old-fashioned when they touched.

“Love me forever” was their credo.

The fire was an entity that existed only with the matching of this pair.

It was intense, it was beautiful, it was..

Only for one night.

Without the fire, she was cold again.

She reaches for warmth but it’s all blurry again..

she wondered when the color would return, as she took a deep breath and slipped back to the dark.


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