Free the Bees!!

It’s been known for a while that the population of bees is slowly diminishing. “There is nothing we can do about it and it’s an issue best left to mother nature, as it’s out of our hands!”, said the ignorant, selfish masses.

There is so much we can do, and so little support that it’s an unbalanced recipe for extinction!

But what exactly is causing this depletion of one of the most important species in our environment? An obvious approach would be to take a look at our ever changing environment.

Let’s think of the role these creatures play, their motives for doing what they do best. Bees pollinate. They do so from the moment their wings reach the capabilities to fly until the moment they can no longer service their queen and hive. The basic method of pollination includes landing from flower to flower, capturing pollen as they go along and, ultimately, spreading it along for other plants to flourish. Pretty basic,right? So where does the problem lie?

Unless you’ve been living the Patrick Star life comfortably under a rock, it will not surprise you when someone mentions the use of pesticides and fungicides in our agriculture. What may surprise you is that bees do not discriminate when pollinating and don’t realize when they are picking up these pesticides and fungicides. Using their pollination methods and crossing paths with these crop sprays leaves bees susceptible to the dangers we also face when consuming these chemicals. Once bees have reached the hive after exposure to these chemicals, they affect the entire hive, wiping out the entire bunch, resulting in a colonial collapse. Once this is finalized, there is no method of reversal. The hive is destroyed. It doesn’t stop there. With all the bouncing around a bee does while pollinating, it can spread these chemicals to other plants, unintentionally exposing them to the hazardous pesticides.

One can say that such factors including climate and the ecosystem are out of our control. Maybe they’re right, but have we even considered researching that? Is it really out of our control, and if it weren’t would we really do everything we can to save the bee population? I would hope the masses would respond with an overwhelming “Hell yeah!”. A girl can dream, can’t she?

So I propose this method of action while I dream of a better world..
Linked below is a petition along with a fascinating article with more information on the bee’s importance to our lifestyles. Signing this petition may not completely stop pesticide use overnight, but it can create movement towards the awareness and active progression necessary to establish a foundation which we can grow with and sustain for our future generations.



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